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At Ruthfred Lutheran Church you will find a variety of ministries developed to support your pursuit of spiritual growth and biblical understanding. Our groups and activities are designed with the entire family in mind. Come join us for one of our many worship opportunities!
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Suffering like Christ in the New Life




Lent 2021: Living the New Life in the Light of the Shadow of the Cross

Our Lenten services this year focus around the theme of “Living the New Lif …

Easter Baskets for Shut-Ins/Homebound Members

Ruthfred’s Women’s Ministry is organizing this annual project on a smaller …

City Mission Food Sundays

City Mission Food Sundays are the first Sunday of every month. Some things …

Two On Tuesday: March 2, 2021

Dear Congregational Family, 1. Equality Act: This piece of legislation is moving …

Two On Tuesday: February 23, 2021

Dear Congregational Family, 1. Lenten Season: a. Lenten Season: Last week, on As …

Two On Tuesday: February 16, 2021

Dear Congregational Family, 1. Marti Gras: Today is known as Marti Gras which is …

Two On Tuesday: February 9, 2021

Dear Congregational Family,   1. Church Council: What a blessing to have su …

For Your Family
We care about you and your family. We love teaching God’s word. Our staff and volunteer leaders can't wait to welcome your kids to our safe, secure, age-appropriate program.


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There’s always something happening at Ruthfred Lutheran and a number of ways for you to connect and get to know others.


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