Dear Congregational Family,

1.      National Day of Prayer:  This Thursday is National Day of Prayer.  Please take time throughout the day to pray for our nation.  Ideas for prayer:
a.      Thank God for the freedoms of our land.
b.      Pray for the protection of our religious liberties.
c.       Pray for all our leaders, that God would be at work through them (even if unbeknownst to them!) for the good of our nation.
d.      Pray that God would raise up godly leaders for our nation.
e.      Pray for our nation to love, value, and protect all life.
f.        Pray for civility and respect in dialogue and debate.
g.       Pray for a spiritual revival to sweep through our land.

2.     Czymbor Farewell: This Sunday, after the 11:00am service we will be having a cake reception for the Czymbor’s in our Fellowship Hall.  On Monday, they will be leaving for MN, and then ultimately to SD!  This year has gone by quickly!

3.     Peace be with you:  After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the disciples were experiencing some uncertainty to say the least!  What is going to happen now?  Some were afraid, some were simply trying to make sense of what had happened and to anticipate what might happen!  Jesus comes to them with a simple, but profound word:  PEACE.  This peace was possible, because He was alive and was with them, and would always be with them!

In nearly three decades of ministry, I have always found May to be a month of transitions for many reasons.  This can be a cause of anxiety and uncertainty.  This year, at Ruthfred, we will be undergoing a number of transitions (most similar to past years), as one vicar leaves and another comes, as students graduate and move away (or return home), and as the spring gives way to the summer schedule.  This year, we have the extra transition of the Osier’s leaving as well.  We continue to work on filling those roles.  You are part of the answer to that as well!  Look for additional ways to encourage and serve others in our congregation! 

In all of this, Jesus continues to speak to us, “Peace be with you.”  God’s Presence is always with us, His Provisions will be provided to us, His Sovereign Power is in control, and in that Promise, we can have Peace in our hearts as we move forward in Prayer.

God bless you as we continue,

        “Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God”

                                   Pastor Carlson