Dear Congregational Family,

1. G.O.A.T.: Who is the “GOAT?” Recently we have heard much about the “GOAT” in relation to Simone Biles. For some of us, “goat” refers to a four-footed animal with similarities to a sheep. But the newly popularized usage of “GOAT” is in reference to the “Greatest Of All Time,” and it is used especially with respect to athletes.

Yesterday, while visiting with Dan & Leslie Gill, we were talking about this, and we realized how appropriate it is in reference to Christ! Jesus certainly was/is the Greatest Of All Time, and He was also literally our “scapegoat.” In the Old Testament, once a year the High Priest would pray and symbolically place the sins of the people upon a “scapegoat” who would then “carry the sins away” as the goat was driven into the wilderness. All of this foreshadowed Christ, who was the “Greatest Of All Time” High Priest. He was also our “scapegoat” who did literally take our sins upon Himself and carry them to the cross where He died in our place, defeating sin, death and the devil. In a double sense, Jesus is the G.O.A.T. He alone is our Savior and triumphant King!

2. Afghanistan: The final outbound flights have now left Afghanistan. Hundreds of people who hoped to get out were left behind. We continue to pray, especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in grave danger.

3. Regan Johnson: He has arrived and begins his new position as our Youth Director tomorrow (Sept. 1)! Please introduce yourself to him this Sunday. Pray for him and our youth as we begin the fall season of ministry.

4. Defending Life: In 2015, the Center for Medical Progress released videos in which journalists had spent 30 months doing undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood’s top leadership. CMP found that they (Planned Parenthood) were indeed negotiating the harvesting and selling of aborted baby body organs, etc. At the time, California’s Attorney General (Kamala Harris) and her successor (Xavier Becerra) prosecuted the case. Rather than charge Planned Parenthood for harvesting and selling organs, they chose to prosecute the journalist, David Daleiden, for exposing this horrific evil. This case has been moving slowly, but it appears that Daleiden is now going to be facing up to nine felonies at a trial before a San Francisco jury. We pray for those who courageously protect life.

5. Fall Ministry Schedule: Next Wednesday, Confirmation classes start. The following week, JTTW and KidsTime will all begin. Choirs will soon be resuming as well. Look for ways in which you can become involved and also invite others to join you!

6. Herald Newsletter: Your Herald Newsletter will be coming to you soon. If you are not receiving it – either electronically or in paper – please let us know!

7. Sermon: Sermon Title: “The Way of Wisdom”
Sermon Text: James 1:1-18

Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God,

Pastor Carlson