Dear Congregational Family,

1. Council: I am so grateful for our church council! There has been such a sweet spirit of fellowship among each and a heart to serve Christ and our congregation. This has been a special blessing in light of all the challenges that we went through this past year in responding to the Coronavirus! I am so thankful as well for our church staff who not only surfed those turbulent waves, but also learned and employed new ways in doing ministry and even in expanding our church ministry! Please continue to pray for our staff! Please also continue to pray for our council, thank the outgoing members, and encourage the ones who will be newly coming onto council.

2. Contemporary Liturgical Worship Service: This service takes place on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Therefore, it is this Saturday, and it is at 5:00pm. We are blessed with many musicians and vocalists who are leading this time of worship. The Sunday sermon will also be preached at this Saturday service.

3. Life Sunday: This year, Life Sunday is on Jan. 24th. Yes, I know, every day is a day for us to celebrate life! Normally we are involved in the Baby Bottle Ministry to help support the life ministry here in our community through the Women’s Resource Center (Curo…. It has had different names) which has been connected nationally with Human Coalition for the past several years. This year, because of Covid, the ministry is not utilizing the baby bottles to be filled with coins, etc., but rather they are encouraging people to simply give financial gifts toward the ministry. For us at Ruthfred, to be part of this, simply put a check in the offering (made out to Ruthfred, but with a designation for Human Coalition) and we will write a comprehensive check to Human Coalition from Ruthfred. The dates for these special offerings are: Sunday, January 24th – Sunday, February 14th.

4. Congregational Annual Meeting: This Sunday, on January 17th we will be having our meeting after both worship services. The purpose of the meeting is for voting on the ballot of nominations for Church Council positions. Praise the Lord for these wonderful candidates who are willing to serve our congregation in this way. Special thanks to Ned Wellman, Leslie Gill, Becky Evans, Chuck Morrison, Connie Munn, Barb Harrold, Gary Fischer, John Welsh, and Roger Kurtz for your excellent work these past years!!

5. Sunday School: As a reminder, we have Sunday School for all ages! Just this week we have also added the Upper Room class back into the lineup! Please come and grow in your faith through this opportunity of learning, discussion, and fellowship.

6. Prayer: Please be in prayer for our nation during these trying political times of the next two weeks. Regardless of the rumbling, remember that the Lord is in control of all, and we pray that His sovereign hand would rule over our land.

7. Bible Reading 2021: We are reading through the Bible again in 2021 as a congregation. This year we will be reading through in a chronological order (rather than in the order of the books as they appear in the Bible). This will not only be a fresh way to read the Bible, but it will also help us to put different books of the Bible together in the timeframe and context in which they were given. We will again be using the You Version Bible app. You will be able to sign up by emailing Don Roose at Bibles following this same plan are available at church as well for you to use if you want to read a paper copy. They are on the table by the elevator. God bless you as you read His Word!

8. Sermon: Title: “He Knows You. Do You Know Him?”
Text: Psalm 139:1-10

God bless you this New Year as we continue,

“Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God!”

Pastor Carlson