Dear Congregational Family,

1. Youth Convention: We are in the midst of an incredible week with our youth at the FLY (Free Lutheran Youth) Convention in Estes Park, CO. Please continue to pray for all (42) of us, that the Spirit of God would be mightily at work within us. The teaching and worship times have already been excellent. It is absolutely beautiful here in the mountains, but the greater beauty is seeing our youth love the Lord and each other.
(See pictures below, and go on our Ruthfred Facebook page throughout this week. I’ll also post additional pictures on my personal Facebook page.)

2. July 4th: As I watch and listen to the reports from Hong Kong, China, Russia, North Korea, etc. I am so thankful for the freedoms that we enjoy in the United States! As you well know, I love our nation and our heritage. Let us be ever mindful to be regularly in prayer for our nation. Freedoms can slip away more readily than they can be recovered.
“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” – Psalm 33:12a
I am well aware that our nation is less than godly (even wicked) in so many areas, but we do have a heritage that is rooted in the principles of Scripture. Let’s pray for and live out a return to those principles!

3. Sermon text: This Sunday, the theme of the message will be “The Beauty of Christ” with the Scripture passages from Isaiah 53, portions of the crucifixion narrative, and II Corinthians 5:21.

God bless you as we continue,

“Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God”

Pastor Carlson