Dear Congregational Family,

1. VBS: Vacation Bible School is just (less than!) three weeks away!! Many of the Bible lessons and videos have already been recorded and are ready for being livestreamed that week! Our theme is “The Lord is my Shepherd.” What a great theme in the midst of these troubled times!!! The shortcut link for VBS sign up is – – it will take you directly to Our vision for VBS is that families can watch it together in their homes as well as invite others to do so as well. VBS is the week of July 27-31. There will also be craft kits available, and some fun surprises!!!

2. Herald: The July issue of the Herald was emailed out last week, complete with pictures! Please let us know if you are not on the Herald email distribution list, or if you did not get your copy for some reason. (On Sunday in my sermon I referenced the forces of evil behind the turmoil of our world, as something I wrote about in the Two on Tuesday, but to be correct – it was in my article in the Herald in the paragraph about the “devil face.”)

3. Livestream: Almost every week we continue to hear from new listeners to our livestream services! Thanks for “sharing” the service on social media and inviting others to engage.

4. Dry Season: This is the driest mid-summer that I have experienced in PA! I love the extra sunshine, but we do need some rain. I wonder, how is your soul doing during this “dry season of Covid-19” when many of the regular sources of spiritual water have been cut off? Let me encourage you to be diligent in seeking out the waters of spiritual refreshment for your soul in your own daily Bible reading, devotion and prayer time. The July-Sept Portals of Prayer devotion books are available here at church. Please remember to pick one up, or we can deliver one to you as well!

5. Sermon: Title: “Joy & Peace in God’s Word” Text: Isaiah 55:10-13

God bless you as we continue,

“Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God”

Pastor Carlson