Dear Congregational Family,

1. Osier farewell: Last Sunday we bid the Osier’s farewell. We pray God’s continued blessings upon them in this next season of ministry. (Special thanks to Pat, Joanne, Peggy, and others who have been serving long hours in the church kitchen for these many special occasions as of late.)

2. Restrooms: As you know, we have been remodeling the church restrooms.
Is this important? Yes! A few years ago, McDonalds did a survey and found out that what people most wanted at their restaurants was:
a. Reasonably priced food,
b. Quick service, and
c. Clean restrooms.
Wow! They had not realized how important restrooms were!
At Ruthfred, we have high quality food (Biblical sermons and teachings), excellent service from our church staff, and also remodeled restrooms!

3. Sermon text for Sunday: Luke 9:51-62. Several of you have asked for the sermon text in advance so that you could read it over in advance, meditate on it, and prepare for hearing the message. I commend you for that! This is a wonderful passage of God’s deliverance and healing that He brings to us, and the message of salvation that Jesus directs us to share with others.

4. Quote of the week: “It is a strange and paradoxical truth that points to the fact that God reveals himself in hiddenness. In the cross, the power of God is displayed through helplessness and suffering.”
– Gordon Isaac, from “Prayer, Meditation & Spiritual Trial” (p.18)

God bless you as we continue,

“Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God”

Pastor Carlson