Dear Congregational Family,

Annual Congregational Budget Meeting: Last Sunday, this meeting was held, and the 2020 budget was approved. It is a “faith budget” in that it will stretch us some, but as we worship the Lord with our tithes and offerings, it can be accomplished. It will allow us to continue the excellent ministry which we strive for each year. It was also noted that we are significantly behind in our offerings according to what was budgeted for this past year. Thankfully, we are almost just as significantly under budget in our expenses, so the deficit is minimal, but we want to finish strong at the end of the year. We also do want to be faithfully generous in our giving and to meet our projected budget as we look forward to growing our ministry next year with a second pastor.

Visitation: This past year we have had many dear members pass away, and many people in the hospitals, etc. I (and Vicar Westerbur) have been trying to visit everyone in need and we treasure every visit, but this has been a daunting challenge. I am so thankful for our Elders and our many members who have stepped up and taken the initiative to reach out and visit and care for our members in need. This is the Body of Christ at work, just as Christ instructed us to do! Thank you!

Thanksgiving Service: Next week is Thanksgiving! At Ruthfred, we always have a wonderful service on Thanksgiving Day morning, as we come together to give thanks!

Mid-Fall Sermon Mini-Series: This Sunday we will conclude our four-part sermon series from the book of II Timothy. This was the last letter of the Apostle Paul, and was written to Timothy concerning “Keeping the Faith” as he lived and ministered in the challenging city of Ephesus.

Sermon text for this Sunday is II Timothy 4:9-22. Sermon Title: “The Rescuer of the Abandoned”

God bless you as we continue,

“Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God”

Pastor Carlson