Dear Congregational Family,

SWAP Retreat: Praise God for the incredible retreat last weekend for our 6-8th graders and youth leaders! Vicar Westerbur did the teachings on the book of Jonah. Thank you Brandon for continued ministry to our youth!! (See pictures below. Photo credits to Logan & Rory.)

Fall Stewardship: Every fall, Ruthfred has had the practice of asking members to fill out Pledge Cards and “Time & Talent” sheets. These are helpful tools as budgets are prepared and for giving guidance regarding anticipated giving. Also, we want to help connect our members in areas of service where they can use their God-given talents in serving the Lord and one another in the love of Jesus. You will soon be receiving these in the mail. Together, we want to offer God our “Treasures, Time and Talents.”

Reformation Sunday: This Sunday we will be celebrating Reformation Sunday at Ruthfred! This is always a delightful service of festive music and worship as we are reminded of how the sweet message of “Salvation by GRACE alone” was recovered for the church.

Mid-Fall Sermon Mini-Series: This Sunday we will continue our four-part sermon series from the book of II Timothy. This was the last letter of the Apostle Paul, and was written to Timothy concerning “Keeping the Faith” as he lived and ministered in the challenging city of Ephesus.

Sermon text for this Sunday is II Timothy 3. The title is “Equipped by God’s Word.”
God bless you as we continue,

“Growing Together in our Faith as the Family of God”

Pastor Carlson